How Not To Meet A Celebrity

Blogging, Authors And Readers, Oh My!

Since I started attending and volunteering at science fiction and fantasy conventions, I have been lucky to have coffee, drinks and dinner with a number of authors. It’s those initial meetings back in the fall of 2013 that solidified the idea of that I wanted to start a book blog.

Local authors Dennis W. Green, Jed Quinn, Michael Koogler and my good friend and author, Jade Eby, are directly responsible for Second Run Reviews for even existing. My conversations with them over drinks lead me down the path of connecting with authors and connecting authors with readers.

Yo, Ho, Ho A Convention Life For Me

terri and pierce brown
Terri and Pierce Brown at Phoenix ComiCon

Jim C. Hines, author of The Princess Series, and local author Catherine Schaff-Stump are responsible for encouraging me to get involved my local science fiction and fantasy convention, ICON, which has lead me to attend several other similar types of events and has allowed me to have more coffee, more drinks and more dinners with authors and others in the industry.

At the end of May, I traveled to my largest convention experience yet, Phoenix Comicon and had the pleasure of meeting Pierce Brown, V.E. Schwab and Wesley Chu. Apparently, without knowing it, I had met Wesley prior to Drinks with Authors and Creators at Phoenix Comicon on Friday night.

How Not To Meet A Celebrity

On the Wednesday before ComiCon, I flew from Iowa to Chicago and then Chicago to Phoenix. I boarded the plane in Chicago and sat in an aisle seat. There was already a gentleman seated in the window seat, hunkered down in a sweatshirt with the hood pulled over is face asleep. I patiently waited for the third passenger to arrive as we were told it was a full flight. The third person never appeared, the flight took off and I took advantage of the extra seat to stretch my legs a bit, set my purse when I need to pull my iPad out because I started working on book reviews. I also figured out that I could use my miles for Wi-Fi (I never accumulate enough miles for anything beyond an email subscription and now have an Entertainment Weekly subscription that goes until like 2020).

terri and wesley chu
Terri and Wesley Chu at Phoenix ComiCon

At some point during the flight, I got up to use the restroom, shortly after that the gentleman sharing my row got up, and used the restroom as well. The flight landed safely in Phoenix three hours later and I was none the wiser, until Friday, that I had shared my space on the airplane with Wesley Chu which he loudly called out when I approached him to introduce myself during Drinks with Authors and Creators.

Needless to say, I was super embarrassed. And told him, in my defense, he was asleep most of the flight and has his hood pulled over his face. He laughed. It was all in good fun. He said he was jealous I had Wi-Fi as he hoards his miles for free airfare and we debated whether cashing in miles for free Wi-Fi was worth it. Before we parted ways, I told him, to enjoy the rest of the convention and that I would see him again at the end of September at ICON.

So have you been lucky enough to meet any authors? Were your meet-ups as embarrassing as mine?